Puerto Rican Parade of Rochester New York

Puerto Rican Parade of Rochester

¡Puerto Rico Se Levanta! Puerto Rico Rises!

Saturday, July 28, 2018
10:00am opening ceremony
11:00am parade step off


The tragedies of the island of Puerto Rico is not fresh news to anyone. In September of 2017, the most recent hurricane, Hurricane Maria, completely destroyed the island that many Puerto Rican’s from the Rochester, NY area previously called home. As for their family and friends who still live there—are barely living. Homes have been destroyed,
electricity is unavailable, and food and water is nothing but limited; Grocery store shelves are empty and the water that is provided, last less than 3 days. The U.S. government stated that they are providing the necessities needed to rebuild and recover, but Puerto Ricans are left with nothing but the feeling of abandonment.

Puerto Rico has always been an island where people go for a good time, relaxation, and an abundance of culture. Seeing other states celebrate our culture and traditions, full of pride and happiness brings joy and appreciation to every Puerto Rican.

Since Hurricane Maria and the less recent but still relevant, Hurricane Irma, Puerto Rico has been in a hardship. Puerto Ricans are still struggling with finding food and shelter for themselves and their loved ones. But in spite of everything, many people have united to help improve the island regardless of race, culture or religion. The 2018 Puerto Rican
Parade serves as a platform to motivate and revitalize the island of Puerto Rico to never lose faith, because Puerto Rico will rise above this misfortune.

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The Puerto Rican
Parade of Rochester

Saturday, July 28, 2018

10:00AM - 10:45AM
Liberty Pole

Corner of Franklin Street and Main Street

Interested in participating in the parade?

We invite you to participate in the 2018 Puerto Rican Day Parade! This year’s theme is “Puerto Rico Se Levanta!” which means “Puerto Rico Rises!”. We encourage you to keep this theme in mind as you prepare your float for this year’s parade. Our panel of judges will take a close look at each float, how it aligns with our theme and the work behind the effort. All winners will be announces after the parade and will receive an award and prize.

Deadline for application is july 10, 2018.



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Father Laurence Tracy Award Nominations

nominations due
may 30, 2018

The Father Laurence Tracy Excellence in Leadership Award is given to a servant of this community. This individual, who is committed to a certain cause or ideal, is uniquely addressing a problem or improving a situation. Such a leader has devoted his or her time and efforts to advocacy, as well as challenging and motivating individual(s) or organizations to excel. Because of his or her vision and accomplishments, our community is a better place. In conclusion, the Father Laurence Tracy Award recipient has helped our community envision the future and identify paths to success, while promoting diversity and multiculturalism.

Only nominations received by the Puerto Rican Parade of Rochester committee by May 30, 2018 will be considered. The finalist will be presented at the Puerto Rican Parade of Rochester Commencement Ceremony at Liberty Pole. If the application is received after the due date, nominees can be resubmitted for future consideration.


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